O​ur Concerns​

We pigs glow blue
Due to a highly toxic chemical brew

This blue synthetic bouillabaisse
Is from the manufacturing process
Of our favorite denim blue jeans
Sodium hypochlorite and chloramines
Are being dumped in our waterways ignobly
Destroying our rivers globally
Changing the PH of our water eternally

Our fish bloat and decompose  infernally
We pigs just wanted to go to the beach
But we are swimming in acid and bleach

Our hero of the day
Mrs May
Has concluded that a cross party deal
Would have infinitely more sex appeal

For delivering Brexit
And avoiding a no deal exit
So with a new plan for the E.U.
Another extension was on the menu

We pigs think she is going straight off a cliff
Soon sending Britain permanently adrift
Leaving chaos for our sons and daughters
As we drift off in uncharted waters

They came to Hanoi 
To throw away their nuclear toys

Sniff, sniff, sniff 
They got a whiff 
Of each other’s chemical profile
We all believed Trump would be beguiled
By Kim ....making mockery
As he builds more and more rocketry 

Trump glowing with his golden perm
Insisted sanctions would remain firm
Unless North Korea was totally denuclearized
With a frown and slanted eyes

Kim didn’t sign this deal
Putting an end to the whole ordeal
This was the end of the Hanoi summit 
Causing Trump’s popularity to further plummet

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