Our Cruise​​​​

We embark at Southampton bay
On the biggest cruise ship ever made to this day

This ship is a floating amusement park
With a live 3D theater, a bionic bar and 12'000 works of art
She has ten thousands rooms and showers
And is longer than the Eiffel Tower

This boat 
Is a city afloat
With 23 swimming pools and 3 water slides
The birds fly above horrified

We pigs, can dance all night
With music blasting and pink strobe lights
The dolphins and the whales are going ‘mute’
But the Harmony of the Seas doesn’t give a hoot


While docked in Southampton bay
We went to London for the day
We proceed
In our shorts of tweed
To Britain’s most famous modern art museum
Since we can’t swim
We hold on to the ridge
Of the millennium bridge
The bankside power station
Received a total transformation
And now houses the largest modern art collections
Installations and video projections
The old brick factory on the River Thames
Now claims
Millions of visitors each year
Onwards, we pigs steer
With good cheer
And lots of beer

When our cruise ship docked aside
The Scottish river Clyde
We pigs see Zaha Hadid’s latest architectural whim
The Glasgow transport museum
It resembles an outer space contraption
Left behind by an alien faction
The inspiration could be from Mars
Inside it houses steam locomotives and many old cars.
She renewed the harbor
With her imagination and surrealistic ardor
We Pigs give her all our support
For her fantastic vision of a seaport
Transforming the old shipyard ground
Has also brought in lots of Scottish pounds


Whether ‘online or on land’
We middle aged pigs, sadly understand
That it’s very hard to meet 
The very special person we seek

But we might be luckier ’on the water’
In the ship’s ballroom, encounters are ‘hotter’

To improve our chances
We have learned several dances
Remembering the steps we have been taught
We danced the waltz, tango and the foxtrot
Throughout the night
Believing in love at first sight

We pigs, are galvanized by a possible romance
As we cross the English Channel to France


Knowing that we are in Paris
We arrive looking our fairest
To the Bois de Boulogne to visit
Frank Gehry’s exquisite
Latest architectural masterpiece
That has become a centerpiece
The building is covered with glass panels
Resembling a sailboat crossing the channel
Despite its sails inflated
Not everyone is elated 

Green opponents 
Said it’s many components
Would disrupt the peace of the park
The government ruled ‘it was a piece of art’

With our wages going astray
We Pigs prefer to stay
Picnicking on the grass
And keeping our cash


From Bilbao, we took the train
To Barcelona, Spain
To visit Antoni Gaudí’s greatest feat
A basilica that is still incomplete

No where in history can you find
A church building of this kind
It will be the tallest, on the planet
With its spires of grapes and pomegranate

The nativity facade’s towers reach great heights
Gaudí designed them as stalagmites
Millions every day flock inside this church
Where stunning stain glass windows are perched

We pigs are trying to feel the lord’s grace
Yet confused
By the enormity of this sacred place


We are anchoring right now
In the ancient port of Bilbao

The museum, cladded in a titanium robe
Attracts visitors from across the globe
Millions admire it’s swirling forms and silver metallic tiles
Especially Frank Gehry’s architectural style
With its flying undulating panels and corners curled
It is the most spectacular building in the world

We pigs, wait our place
Wearing our shorts of Spanish lace
To enter into the gallery's irregular space
But inside
Comprehension is denied
We are at a lost to react
As the art forms are so abstract


While crossing the Atlantic Ocean
We have climbed to the upper deck to get a notion
Of the the gargantuan size of this ocean liner
We question the sanity of the ship’s designer

The Caribbean Cruises has upgraded its fleet
With a surprising new engineering feat
"The Ultimate Abyss” water slides
Designed to give guests the ultimate thrill ride
They curl around the ship’s stern and sides

Towering 150 feet above the sea level
It looks to us to be the work of the devil
We pigs quickly run away and hide
Rather than take a ride
Down this infernal water slide


Our cruise ship docked in New York after dark
The next day we walked across Central Park
To visit a museum which is a national landmark

 Famous for his unique architectural spiral design
Frank Lloyd Wright
Broke away from rectangular lines
And rigid convention
His white cylindrical invention
Resembles an upside down bell
Or a nautilus seashell
It is like an amusement ride

 A spiral ramp winds wider and wider around,
Up t o the ceiling skylight from the ground

The view from the top is breathtaking
As  we see the  spirals below gyrating
But i t made us lose our sense of orientation 
So we rushed outside in desperation


The space center, houses space artifacts
Which give us pigs a chance to interact
With astronauts
And moon rocks

Near the space center’s walkway
Space capsules are on display
Mercury nine and Gemini five
They keep the history of space flight alive

Also the space shuttle is mounted on its carrier
We pigs, can't think of anything scarier
Than being projected into outer space
At a lightning speed pace
In small burning capsules
We pigs, would never be such fools

As to want to be on a celestial sphere
With an unknown gaseous atmosphere
For us pigs, this is totally unfit
If something happened to our ship
We could lose our return trip
And remain lost forever in orbit

Niemeyer, Brazil‘s foremost modern architect
Finished the modern art museum project
With an inviting design
For an extraterrestrial shrine 
A wide curved red ramp welcomes us pigs
To a cylinder cupola, fifty meters big
Inside, the hall of expositions
Has frequently changing art exhibitions
The most impressive is the viewing gallery
We walk around losing calories
Looking through glass plates, set at forty degrees
We see Rio de Janeiro across the sea
This new museum of art and culture
Has enriched Brazil’s political vultures
To their cronies they sold
For priceless pots of gold
The surrounding land
Which is mostly sand


An astonishing formation of nature
Is Patagonia's lake Grey glacier
We approached up close to giant blue walls
And watched massive icebergs fall 

We pigs want to mention
Because of compression
 The  glacier has these hues
Of deep sapphire icy blues
Nothing can escape from within
Not even oxygen

Pleased by our very short stay
We could only pray
It wasn't us in the water today
We wouldn’t long be breathing
As the temperature is below freezing


Machu Picchu is the most renown
Ancient Incan citadel made of stone
It was built down a hill side
Where two great mountains preside
 The site is 2,500 m above sea level
In a rain forest where butterflies revel

We pigs learn that Incan building assignments
All played on astronomical alignments
The citadel was so covered by mist
That it was undiscovered by any archaeologist
 Now with our selfies in hand
We can photograph ourselves in a band
In front of the spectacular view
Of Peru’s Machu Picchu

To reach this view so panoramic
Some visitors are very dynamic
And hike up, a mountainous lane
Despite altitude sickness and migraines
We pigs,think the trekkers are insane
We long before booked the train

Our next destination is Japan
But we feel we are in a garbage can
While looking down at the water of the Pacific
We are seeing something horrific
We are cruising through an endless plastic broth
Stretched out infinitely like a cloth
The Pacific ocean currents rotational spin
Is drawing in the world's biggest rubbish bin
Five billions tons of plastic debris
Litter the ocean and the sea
On the upper water column it sits
Before it disintegrates into molecular bits
The jelly fish, albatross and seahorse
Mistake these micro plastics as a food source
Feeding their chicks on polyurethane
Plastic enters the food chain
We pigs find it very dark
That the open mouth basking shark
And whales are swallowing micro plastic emanations 
Mistaking it for their krill and crustaceans

Naoshima, an island in the Sea of Japan
Has the most contemporary architecture known to man
We, pigs, know it’s too good to be true
To see the museum of Tadoa Ando
He invites us to see life, from a different perspective
Here we become contemplative and reflective
His buildings blend into the earth and open up to the sky
We looked up, and saw trees fly
A giant pumpkin sits by the sea
Inviting our senses to disagree
With all our perceptions reorganized
And new senses revitalized
Geishas offered us seaweed and sushi
But we pigs think a massage would be more juicy


In central China, we congregate
Unknowingly, to levitate
On the world's highest glass bridge
Suspended over the Zhangjiajie's Canyon’s ridge

With a drop of a thousand feet below
Our walk proceeds slow
We can’t get a grip
As our hoofs slide and slip

Looking down through the glass 
We pigs are totally aghast
Nothing stops our fall and demise
But glass, of the thinnest size
We pigs,never had such a scare
As we dangle in thin air

Every Chinese tourist guide
Suggests this thrill ride
But it feels more like suicide

Trumps trade war on Chinese imports
Has greatly affected our fellow porks
Because of tariffs on aluminum and steel
Pigs have lost their marketing appeal
The Chinese are now starved of pork and ham
So while visiting China's three gorges dam
The pigs in shorts fell in a big jam
They were chained and taken
Stripped and kidnapped as bacon 
Mistaken momentarily for sausages
The pigs in shorts are now hostages
The ransom money will be sent via wechat
To any Chinese consulate
Szechuan social media recently posted 
The pigs in shorts have not been roasted
They are alive and obese
Eagerly waiting for their release

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