Capri, here we come

The Faraglioni rocks

The three famous rocks called Faraglioni
Are broken from the Capri coast
But they are never lonely
As they continually host
Tourists all summer long in boats

 We pigs rented colorful airfloats

To make our afternoon more divine
We pigs eat globs of spaghetti
And drink loads of red wine
We must stay steady
And not become too dim
For none of us pigs know how to swim

Capri’s Grottto

On a rowboat we pigs take the tour
Inside Capri’s Grotto Azure

We see the most unbelievable light
The sea water has a beautiful hue
Of crystalline bright blue
The Grotto is a famous natural sight
Which God’s hand must have created
For it is magically illuminated

We pigs feel close to the divine
And must immediately post ourselves online
Here we are in this enchanting blue shrine
We will surely attract
Lots of new followers and contacts

Visit to 100% Capri

After disembarking from our ferry
We pigs saw something scary
The Italians looked at us as tho we were pathetic
Dressed as we were …….all in synthetic

During our petit séjour
We pigs had to dress with more allure
So our next stop
Is Capri’s famous linen shop

Their fabric is woven with the finest linen yarn
Not like the potato bags from our barn
We pigs in a frenzy made a selection
Of the finest dresses in their collection
We were sold
When we were told
Capri linen is nature on your skin
It is also our yearly savings down the bin

Boating in Capri

We pigs have done several knots
In our Rivas and yachts
And anchor out at sea
With a fabulous view of Capri

We spend every afternoon socializing
Hearing gossip that is tantalizing
Of last night’s party or on a billionaire
We pigs are without a care

We finished bottles of pink champagne
And snorted lines of cocaine
Many local boatmen complain
That we foreign pigs should just remain
Back at home from where we came

The Natural Arch

Capri’s most famous natural loophole
Will help us pigs meet our fitness goal
Our Fitbit monitor should say
We’ve done ten thousand steps a day

The walk up the cliff is strenuous
But the view on top is stupendous
The arch that is hanging
Is the last piece remaining
Of a grotto during the Paleolithic
Now forming a rock bridge that is terrific

We pigs thank this long gone cavern
For making our muscles burn
Trimming our waist line
And giving our butt a new design